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Comment on Aaron C. Hanson Interview here...

For some odd reason the last post seemed to have comments disabled, so I figured I'd make a few important points of my own and let people place their own comments below.


Update: Ooooh, looks like this guy's been making the rounds. Someone else felt the need to call him out on [info]neurotheology. The exact same guy posted the exact same interview there. Once again, with comments disabled.

This is apparently an interview with a guy called Aaron Hanson, who I've never heard of. However, a name that has cropped up is Ed Dames, who apparently trained him. Ed Dames is one of the people found in Jon Ronson's book "The Men Who Stare At Goats" which was recently released as a comedy starring George Clooney.

Ed Dames pretty much ran all the psychic training outside of the military since he managed to successfully convince the target audience that any other ex-military psychics were inferior. As such, it became a widespread view that only Ed Dames, or those personally taught by Ed Dames, were worth taking lessons from. Ed Dames' projects were also probably more popular because while other military psychics were trying to remote view fairly run-of-the-mill locations, Dames was trying to remote view extra terrestrials and the Loch Ness monster.

Ed Dames' main prediction seemed to be along the lines of "we're all going to die". Certainly he expected us all to be living in underground bunkers by now. Interestingly enough I am now reading another of Jon Ronson's books about secret rulers of the world (the book is called "Them") and it seems that Aaron Hanson believes in this kind of nonsense too. (Then again, he's hardly alone. Glenn Beck seems to announce on television that "the socialists/communists/teh devil! are taking over", lol!)

(Jon Ronson also discovers that one psychic taught by Ed Dames ends up inadvertently inspiring the Heaven's Gate suicides when he claims to have remotely viewed a UFO alongside the Hale-Bopp comet. The original belief that there was some kind of 'companion' to the comet came from a faked photograph and then through 'remote viewing' they claimed that it was an alien spacecraft and that the aliens wanted to live on Earth instead of Mars. The idea that these aliens were going to take some people to a level 'above human' was Marshall Applewhite, but the idea that the Hale-Bopp comet was accompanied by aliens was a result of one of Ed Dames students.)

You can see what Ed Dames looks like in the video below, although I think those speaking (having already heard about the movie by this stage, never mind the book) are making a special effort not to look foolish:

Anyway, I hope this all puts the interview in some kind of perspective (though I haven't really said much about the interview itself). What do people think about it?
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The OP "locked" the post to not allow community members to comment on it, 'cause he knows that he's posting something not supported by the community and hence would be flamed to a crisp for it.

Hopefully the community mods will a) remove the post and b) ban him from the community.
Well I'd definitely agree on (b). He's clearly a troll. We're probably lucky that he didn't allow comments as we've clearly avoided a rather nasty headache.

On (a) I'm not so sure (and not only because its removal will make this post incomprehensible). My first assumption was that the material being posted was to be mocked (hence my confusion at the disabled comments). I thought it would be interesting to see what other people had to say about this kind of lunacy.

I thought it might also be interesting for people to hear about the origins in a highly misguided US military intelligence program via Ed Dames. (Basically the US military thought their enemies were doing research into psychics, so they thought they ought to follow suit. Of course, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy since once the US military intelligence is researching something you can be sure their enemies want to make sure they are keeping up, lol!)

Check out Jon Ronson's "The Men Who Stare At Goats". (The film's pretty good too, but the ending is a bit of a let-down. Very VERY funny nonetheless.)
I've seen the film - I thought it was okay, but I have heard from other sources that the book was better. And yah, previous to seeing the movie I was (sadly) aware of the whole "psychic vs. psychic" crap the various gov'ts were investigating.

re: the troll - he's clearly not being satirical; one look at his profile makes it clear he really does believe in all this claptrap. Which is why he should be banned.
re: the troll - he's clearly not being satirical

Oh I've no doubt about that and I absolutely agree with a ban. I'm just saying that what he posted is just the sort of thing that we'd normally wish to expose for the lunacy it is. As such, the interview isn't terribly out of place even if the poster's mentality is.
Lol! Hilarious.

"...which means that you have direct access and direct experience to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, activities and the visual representation of what's going on in a place that is hidden from your ordinary senses."

So for example you can remote-view the non-existent companion of the Hale-Bopp comet, "discover" that it's an alien spaceship. Isn't it a wonderful skill to be able to remotely view non-existent objects and inspire a suicide cult?

Hehe, the video also seems to explain why the US military had such poor luck tracking down Osama Bin Laden, lol!
Aaron burned his OSB data in protest of Obama's decision regarding the Afghanistan war:

In Protest of the Afghani-SCAM War

No one contacted him.
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