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Comment on Aaron C. Hanson Interview here...

For some odd reason the last post seemed to have comments disabled, so I figured I'd make a few important points of my own and let people place their own comments below.


Update: Ooooh, looks like this guy's been making the rounds. Someone else felt the need to call him out on [info]neurotheology. The exact same guy posted the exact same interview there. Once again, with comments disabled.

This is apparently an interview with a guy called Aaron Hanson, who I've never heard of. However, a name that has cropped up is Ed Dames, who apparently trained him. Ed Dames is one of the people found in Jon Ronson's book "The Men Who Stare At Goats" which was recently released as a comedy starring George Clooney.

Ed Dames pretty much ran all the psychic training outside of the military since he managed to successfully convince the target audience that any other ex-military psychics were inferior. As such, it became a widespread view that only Ed Dames, or those personally taught by Ed Dames, were worth taking lessons from. Ed Dames' projects were also probably more popular because while other military psychics were trying to remote view fairly run-of-the-mill locations, Dames was trying to remote view extra terrestrials and the Loch Ness monster.

Ed Dames' main prediction seemed to be along the lines of "we're all going to die". Certainly he expected us all to be living in underground bunkers by now. Interestingly enough I am now reading another of Jon Ronson's books about secret rulers of the world (the book is called "Them") and it seems that Aaron Hanson believes in this kind of nonsense too. (Then again, he's hardly alone. Glenn Beck seems to announce on television that "the socialists/communists/teh devil! are taking over", lol!)

(Jon Ronson also discovers that one psychic taught by Ed Dames ends up inadvertently inspiring the Heaven's Gate suicides when he claims to have remotely viewed a UFO alongside the Hale-Bopp comet. The original belief that there was some kind of 'companion' to the comet came from a faked photograph and then through 'remote viewing' they claimed that it was an alien spacecraft and that the aliens wanted to live on Earth instead of Mars. The idea that these aliens were going to take some people to a level 'above human' was Marshall Applewhite, but the idea that the Hale-Bopp comet was accompanied by aliens was a result of one of Ed Dames students.)

You can see what Ed Dames looks like in the video below, although I think those speaking (having already heard about the movie by this stage, never mind the book) are making a special effort not to look foolish:

Anyway, I hope this all puts the interview in some kind of perspective (though I haven't really said much about the interview itself). What do people think about it?
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