Rick Miller (rdmiller3) wrote in ljskeptics,
Rick Miller

Disenfranchising the Gullible

The recent election left me wondering, "Is there some way to reduce the political influence of people with no skeptical sense?" Then I saw this on Facebook:
I asked one of my friends who she voted for and she quickly answered "I voted for God" he's the only one who can get us out of this mess! I did vote but I now resind(sic) my vote!!!

My response was, The more write-in votes for "God", the better! :)

A write-in vote for "God" (or anything which is obviously not the name of an eligible candidate) would neutralize that person's vote, allowing the election results to be decided by people who are not quite so easily fooled. This is probably a good thing.

God for President! Vote for righteousness! Send a message which can't be ignored! Bust down that wall between church and state and show 'em who's boss! Buck the system and let your voice be heard! Cast your write-in vote for "God"!

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