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The Association of LiveJournal Skeptics

For the pursuit of elusive truth.

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Welcome to The Association of LiveJournal Skeptics!

Greetings, and welcome to the Association of LiveJournal Skeptics! We're a Livejournal community founded for the discussion of topics that can't be sufficiently and readily proven immediately (God, religion in general, time travel, pseudoscience). Thus, our mission is to discuss these topics and any others you can think of in a logical and responsible environment.

The only rules are not to post entirely off-topic statements, and keep flames to a minimum.

This community is owned and moderated by

My job as a moderator is not only to keep the flame-wars down, but to take sides where needed. For example, if a topic comes up that everyone feels the same way about, I will take a side differing that in order to encourage discussion.

Thanks, and have a pleasant time!